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Hello! I'm Megan!

I am a HOLISTIC Health and Lifestyle Development Coach and I help smart, successful women like you overcome negative body image and break through the vicious dieting cycle. I teach you to love the body you're in now and guide you through an emotional and physical transformation by cultivating lifelong healthy lifestyle habits to become the absolute best version of YOU that you can be!

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I talk a lot about nutrition and feeding your body wholesome + energy producing foods that make you feel good. I also talk about what it means to cultivate healthy body image, healthy relationships, a gratitude-centered personal life, the importance of fun, and making sure you feel like the energized, genuine, most healthy and whole version of YOU that you can be. 

While it may seem like I have it all together, I promise I am really just a normal person like you, living life day to day, and figuring it out as I go!

I am not obsessively diet or exercise driven, however, I have a passion for creating a healthy + balanced lifestyle for myself so that I can be the very best version of me. I choose to live my life authentically which helps all aspects stay in alignment.

I grew up in a small town in Colorado and have lived there most of my life. I LOVE a great cup of coffee, I also love YOGA + RUNNING, they are what keep me going!

Before beginning my life changing, emotional journey about 3 years ago, I struggled with my body for most of my life and finally realized that dieting + wanting to lose weight did not equal weight loss, as most weight loss programs will have you believe. I was in this terrible cycle of dieting (a new one every couple of weeks), and then binging on everything I wasn’t allowed to have on the diet of the week. Then  I discovered that there was a reason I was stuck in this vicious cycle;  my life was out of balance and I was putting so much emphasis on the things that made me unhappy, rather than the other way around. Food and diets were a distraction for me. They filled a void that I was experiencing in my life and gave me a focus, connection and something to use as a distraction. But, this was not going to get me the things I craved and until I finally addressed the actual cause of my binge eating and dieting cycle; I would never have my ideal body. So, I fixed my life, changed my FOCUS, healed my emotional eating, cleaned up my eating habits and lost weight.

Since then, I decided I wanted to help other women escape their negative body image and unhealthy lifestyle habits and create healthy lifestyle habits to become the absolute best version of themselves that they can be.  I teach them to love the body they’re in now and guide them through an emotional and physical transformation by cultivating lifelong healthy lifestyle habits.

 Here is what I believe:

Once you get clear on how to take incredible care of yourself – emotionally, spiritually and physically – your body is naturally going to go to it’s ideal shape and size for your current phase in life, physique and lifestyle. For some people the changes will happen very quickly and for some it may be a slower process but regardless, if you commit to yourself and work with me, you will feel the most beautiful, confident and in love with yourself than you have in your whole life. Ever.

* Disclaimer: if you are dying to be a size 2 or look like a fitness pro or bikini model no matter what the cost, go for it! Just know that you will probably spend most of your time and energy restricting your food, resenting your restricted life and hating your body and continuing the vicious cycle, instead of healing yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Also be aware, that’s not what I teach, so you might not be my ideal client.

Besides my formal training in nutrition and wellness from the Health Coach Institute, most of my training comes from my own curiosity about health and wellness. I have learned a lot through my training and my own experiences on this same journey you are about to take.  I look forward to sharing that wisdom with you.

You will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself and your habits and behaviors, and how easy it is to make a big shift happen, with small intentional steps.


I am 100% Determined



To making sure you feel like the beautiful, genuine, most healthy and whole version of YOU that you can be.

My Top 10 Ten Philosophies That Guide My Coaching:

  • There are as many “right” diets as there are people on the planet

  • What’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for YOU

  • The body has an innate wisdom, beyond any book or authority

  • Diets are not useful as dogma, but they are useful as reference

  • Your body is the ultimate dietary authority for every phase of your life

  • Your diet changes as YOU change

  • Your body is the most powerful, least expensive and BEST dietary experimentation lab in existence

  • Your RELATIONSHIP with food and your body impacts your health more powerfully than the food you eat

  • Every symptom, craving or behavior around food has a POSITIVE INTENTION; therefore symptoms, cravings and behaviors are not the problem, the are just the best SOLUTION you have come up with so far

  • Nourishment is about much more than just food